Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grace's Recovery, Day 1

 So the surgery yesterday went well.  Dr. Miller said the left hip was more involved than he originally anticipated, and had become moderately arthritic.  All in all, her surgery consisted of:

-Intrathecal Baclofen pump placed in the abdominal wall, with a catheter running directly to the spine.
-Bilateral adductor lengthening (where sections of the muscle are cut to allow for lengthening)
-Bilateral pelvic osteotomy (breaking the hip socket and repositioning after reshaping it)
-Bilateral femur osteotomy (breaking the femur to remove the ball, reshape, and plate/pin back together)

She lost 600cc's of blood, which according to my very wise and medically astute mama, is not to be unexpected since the femurs are so vascular. She had one unit of packed platelets transfused yesterday during the surgery, which brought her hemaglobin back up to 11.

Today, she's been waking up for 5-10 minute stretches, and sleeping for 15-30 minutes on average.  Each times she's awake she seems a bit more lucid.  She can't articulate very well, nor does she have the breath support to get out more than a few words at a time, probably due to fatigue.  Blood was drawn early this afternoon, and her hemaglobin had dropped to 6 and her hematocrit was down to 20. So, another transfusion was ordered which she had this afternoon.

She continues to fight a fever, which is also to be expected.  She'll have the epidural for pain control for a few more days, and she really seems to be doing okay in that regard.  She has a standing order for morphine every 3 hours, and she had a dose at 6AM when she said her legs were killing her.  She didn't have another until  noon when she said her hips hurt.

Because of the pump, she has to lay flat on her back for 48 hours.  At 4:30 tomorrow she can sit up in her bed.

We've watched "Cars" four times.  (Well dip me in motor oil and call me "slick"!!)  She still isn't eating.  She's had a few sips of ginger ale and some rasberry water ice today, but nothing substantial.  Probably not a bad thing since she's still dealing with nausea.  She DID have Phyical Therapy today, and I was amazed at what her legs could do already.

She looked at Ted tonight and said "Where AM I?" and to me, "When am I having my surgery?" Longest sentence so far :)

She's sleeping right now, and if I were smart, I would be too.  Mama didn't raise no fool, so I'm going to bed.

More tomorrow. :)

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