Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grace's Recovery, Day 3

 Short today, because I'm exhausted.  The epidural and foley catheter came out with no problems. We were told she needed to urinate within the next 8 hours or they'd have to recatheterize.  She tolerated the stretching during PT very well, but we noticed through the morning that she had rapidly diminishing speech and alot of frothy drool (don't know how else to describe it) and had become extremely lethargic. She also stopped eating and drinking altogether. Part of her PT this morning was to transfer her from the bed to a wheelchair.  Upon doing so, the nurse noticed there was quite a bit of spinal fluid that had seeped on the bed.  The next 45 minutes or so was just chaos as doctors were called, she was examined, nurses ushered Lisa and I out as the epidural site was re-examined....

Jump to the end, since that's all that matters.  No more spinal fluid has seeped, the site is dry and healing.  So, we're good there.  The rest of her symptoms were attributed to the cumulative effect of the valium, and her dosage was cut from 6mg every 6 hours, to 3mg as needed.  She has her last dose at 6:30 am, and her last dose of morphine at 2:30 am.  She seems to be really comfortable with no additional painkillers, except for a dose of Tylenol with codein at 11AM.

She's drinking, and eating.  Not as much as I'd like her to, but it's a start.  She is speaking more this evening.  Not as clear as normal, but then again, her entire body is different than it was on Thursday.  She's loose, flexible, and relearning how to position her arms and legs.

Lisa (my ex-husband's new wife) was there all day, and I have to say, thank God.  She was amazing.  She went to get food, and we're both trying to eat clean and healthy.  Neither one of us cared about that with big juicy cheeseburgers and fries.  The day called for it.

Grace is sleeping now, with some color back in her cheeks.  She wanted to go on Facebook to see the card her nana sent, and directed me as to how to respond to posts on her page.  She was too tired to get to all of them.  We laid in her bed afterwards drinking a strawberry smoothie and eating chocolate pudding watching "Cars" for the 19th time.

I'm sure I was told what the plan is for tomorrow, but I won't remember until I look in my notes.  That can wait.

Night my friends.


Karen and Geeba

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